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happy things!
1. I came up with an idea for a novel about five weeks ago, and I've been making steady progress on it ever since. I'm really optimistic about it--I think the premise will appeal to agents and publishers, and having read a bunch of similar novels lately, I'm confident that I can execute it to current genre standards. And it's really, really nice to have a big project that I'm legitimately excited about every time I open up my notes.

2. I've been more active on Tumblr since I got into Check Please! fandom, and it's been fun to toss off little not!fics here and there and get a bunch of reactions. I have been essentially without a fandom for a long time--I'm always active in fandom, but there's a difference between that and being in a fandom, and CP has given me that sense of community and squee that I've been missing.

3. I've met a couple people through that fandom who seem really neat. I love hitting it off with fannish folks. :D

4. One of my new CP friends is in that fabulous brand-new-hockey-fan stage where you're constantly discovering awesome things about the sport (the Avery Rule! You Can Play! Dudes punching each other in the face while chatting about their dogs!) and keeps prodding me for explanations of things. It's been incredibly helpful to me emotionally, as Maloney sheds stars left and right in favor of Katamari-ing everybody's draft picks, to remember that there's a lot to love about this sport. Granted, she's a Devils fan, so she'll learn about the heartbreaky side of loving hockey soon enough, but for now she's all eager and happy and it's lovely to see.

5. I met up with a fandom friend I hadn't heard from in a while, and it was really awesome to reconnect. She's dipping her toes in CP fandom too, so I got to yammer excitedly at her about my D/s threesome fic while the other brunching yuppies around us slowly inched away.

6. I've been spending plenty of time with other fannish friends in meatspace, including a fantastic group trip to Vancouver to see the Penguins. Fen are so great. ♥

7. Watching Malkin in warmups made some things click in my brain and all of a sudden I'm totally rocking my outside edges on the rink. I think I'll sign up for a rec league in the fall and start playing for real. I'm so goddamn glad I decided to start skating regularly--it's been the best thing in my life on multiple levels this past ten months.

8. Queer movie night has been going strong since August, and I've found a bunch of amazing new movies in the process of deciding which ones to show. I should do a recs list here for you guys.

9. The boything realized last night that Dileep Rao, the guy who played Yusuf in Inception, plays in his trivia league. Further investigation revealed that the dude actually participated in the trivia set the boything ran. Also, boything beat out Yusuf on the topics of typography and fruit. I am endlessly amused by this.

10. Those dudes Ngozi found on Vine who look like Ransom and Holster. Oh my god, you guys. I watched 476 Vines on Wednesday and laughed until I literally injured my throat. SO GREAT.

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