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GGC plans
i heart yaoi
Here's my general plan for hitting the Geek Girl Con programming on Saturday 10/10. Asterisks are the ones I'm really super interested in (idk what the hell I'm gonna do at 12:30). I'll probably decide between conflicting panels based on who else is going. Let me know if you're planning to be at any of these!

10:30 diversity in specfic and romance
10:30 gender v ex
11 female authors in SF/F (librarians!)
11:30 game design
* 11:30 gender in worldbuilding
12 women in STEM discussion (USB party favor!)
12 QUILTBAGs in Nerddom
* 12:30 tabletop playtesting
* 12:30 how to engage with problematic media
* 1 Women's Issues in Publishing
1 geeky cosmetics
1:30 I'm Not Like Other Girls
2:30 game design
2:30 fanfic and academia
3 disability politics in Daredevil
3:30 fandom in performing arts
4:30 using pop culture and fandom daily inspiration
5-7 costume contest
5:30 scientists in pop culture
8-10 fashion show

ETA: There's also a slash-focused afterparty happening Saturday night, let me know if you need the deets on that.

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