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WIP amnesty: the Teen Wolf poly Valentine's Day college AU
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I am so bummed that I never actually wrote this, but it's time to accept that Teen Wolf is not a fandom I'm ever going to write in again. So here's the text prelude + a couple paragraphs + an outline of the rest of a fic I'm pretty sure would have been awesome.

the Teen Wolf poly Valentine's Day college AUCollapse )

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WIP amnesty: the Derek/Stiles noncon-knotting one
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I don't remember where exactly I was going with this, which is irritating because I do remember having a very good idea of where I was going with it at one point. I need to keep better notes. Anyway, the gist of it is clear from what I did write: consensual sex with explicitly nonconsensual knotting, and the emotional fallout in Stiles' later relationship.

the noncon-knotting oneCollapse )

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