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I thought diigo looked okay, and created an account and imported my bookmarks from delicious, and then I found out that they automatically privatize sex-related tags. And when someone asked them what was going on, they were not very courteous about telling us that "bad/inappropriate" terms such as those relating to sex do not measure up to their "high standard" of quality. Since sharing and reading other people's links is a large part of what I'm looking for in a bookmarking service, this rules them out for me. There are ways to get around the specific issue, like agreed-upon neutral tags to represent sex-related ones, but that doesn't address the fact that the site's maintainers aren't respecting us or listening to us.

(Another reason for me specifically not to use diigo is that I am incapable of looking at their name without getting "Hasa Diga Eebowai" [audio NWS] stuck in my head for a week. I spent today taking care of a child, humming under my breath and trying very hard not to sing the line "fuck you God in the ass, mouth, and cunt, yeah, fuck you in the eye" out loud.)

Because I care about networking, I have reason to pay attention to where other fans are going, and it looks like most of them (including Aja and her twelve thousand links) are headed to Pinboard. I was displeased by that at first, because there are all kinds of problems with centralizing fandom bookmarking activity around a paid site, the main one being that I am destitute. I still wish there were a free option.

But the guy running it, Maciej, is really fan-friendly. He posted a tweet asking us to let him know what features would be most helpful to fans, and then when we made a gdoc for suggestions, he dove right in and started engaging with us and letting us know what he's considering implementing and what he's not going to be able to give us.

That right there already had me thinking about going for the paid account, and then this happened:

...I am now jedusaur on Pinboard. Well played, sir.

I'm going to give the gdoc a few days for people to add feature suggestions, then I'm going to compile them into an LJ post and ask people to comment with their top-5 wishlists so I can tabulate them and give Maciej some idea of what features we need most. It sounds like he's already planning to give us tag bundling, which is the one big thing I want that Pinboard doesn't have.

Some relevant links:

The gdoc where we're talking about what features Pinboard could add for fans
the great delicious migration (giant multifandom spreadsheet with everyone's username info on different services)
Pinboard-Delicious username mapper (handy for finding your delicious buds on the new service)
Discussion of a fan-owned and -operated bookmarking site
A post about what the OTW is planning in terms of bookmarking on AO3 (short version: it might become the fan-owned and -operated bookmarking site we need, but probably not anytime soon)
An interview with the new CEO of delicious, containing this priceless quote from someone who apparently doesn't know what his website is for: "It became hard when people were adding all this information, tags and links."
A post by bookshop illustrating how very fucked delicious has become

EDIT: There's also a similar mapper for Twitter usernames to Pinboard usernames.
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