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happy things!
1. I came up with an idea for a novel about five weeks ago, and I've been making steady progress on it ever since. I'm really optimistic about it--I think the premise will appeal to agents and publishers, and having read a bunch of similar novels lately, I'm confident that I can execute it to current genre standards. And it's really, really nice to have a big project that I'm legitimately excited about every time I open up my notes.

2. I've been more active on Tumblr since I got into Check Please! fandom, and it's been fun to toss off little not!fics here and there and get a bunch of reactions. I have been essentially without a fandom for a long time--I'm always active in fandom, but there's a difference between that and being in a fandom, and CP has given me that sense of community and squee that I've been missing.

3. I've met a couple people through that fandom who seem really neat. I love hitting it off with fannish folks. :D

4. One of my new CP friends is in that fabulous brand-new-hockey-fan stage where you're constantly discovering awesome things about the sport (the Avery Rule! You Can Play! Dudes punching each other in the face while chatting about their dogs!) and keeps prodding me for explanations of things. It's been incredibly helpful to me emotionally, as Maloney sheds stars left and right in favor of Katamari-ing everybody's draft picks, to remember that there's a lot to love about this sport. Granted, she's a Devils fan, so she'll learn about the heartbreaky side of loving hockey soon enough, but for now she's all eager and happy and it's lovely to see.

5. I met up with a fandom friend I hadn't heard from in a while, and it was really awesome to reconnect. She's dipping her toes in CP fandom too, so I got to yammer excitedly at her about my D/s threesome fic while the other brunching yuppies around us slowly inched away.

6. I've been spending plenty of time with other fannish friends in meatspace, including a fantastic group trip to Vancouver to see the Penguins. Fen are so great. ♥

7. Watching Malkin in warmups made some things click in my brain and all of a sudden I'm totally rocking my outside edges on the rink. I think I'll sign up for a rec league in the fall and start playing for real. I'm so goddamn glad I decided to start skating regularly--it's been the best thing in my life on multiple levels this past ten months.

8. Queer movie night has been going strong since August, and I've found a bunch of amazing new movies in the process of deciding which ones to show. I should do a recs list here for you guys.

9. The boything realized last night that Dileep Rao, the guy who played Yusuf in Inception, plays in his trivia league. Further investigation revealed that the dude actually participated in the trivia set the boything ran. Also, boything beat out Yusuf on the topics of typography and fruit. I am endlessly amused by this.

10. Those dudes Ngozi found on Vine who look like Ransom and Holster. Oh my god, you guys. I watched 476 Vines on Wednesday and laughed until I literally injured my throat. SO GREAT.

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An annotated fic reading list for kinky beginners
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I was recently talking to a friend who wanted to know more about how to negotiate and have conversations with partners about kink. There's a ton of resources out there on what organs to avoid when you're flogging someone, but it's harder to get a good sense of how to talk about this stuff, especially when you're figuring it all out and aren't necessarily sure what you're going to like or not. My answer, of course, was: read fic! Except there's a ton of kink fic out there that avoids or idealizes those conversations. So I decided to pull together some of the ones I remember ringing true to me, reread them, and examine how well they really translate to real life. I got a bit carried away and expanded it to be kind of general how-to-kink, not just negotiation, though I tried to focus on that.

All the fics on this list I didn't write are ones that I personally adore and would rec, but reccing is not what I'm doing in my notes; I'm just talking about how well they depict the reality of kink in my experience, and what aspects of them aren't true to life or would be problematic/unhealthy if you actually did things that way. (This isn't necessarily criticism of the fics themselves--fantasy doesn't need to always reflect reality, and not all of these are trying to.) I'm including some fics I wrote myself about things I haven't seen other people write about, at least in ways that make sense to me.

I strongly encourage discussion in the comments, especially if you have kink experience yourself that contradicts anything I'm saying or if you notice other things in these fics that new kinksters should be wary about. God only knows I've deconstructed enough of my own attitudes about this stuff to be quite sure there's always more left to deconstruct, so don't be afraid to disagree. I also highly encourage sharing more links, though please do keep in mind that for this particular conversation we're prioritizing real-life applicability rather than hotness. And if you're a kinky beginner with questions, fire away! I bet I will not be the only person willing to answer them. :)

Intro-to-kink fics

Tell Me To Stop (bandom) by airgiodslv
I love how this fic clearly delineates a difference between the mechanics of kink and the psychological dynamics of it--it's a really good idea to get a handle on the nuts and bolts before you try to put anybody under, and I rarely see that acknowledged in fiction. But the character who's supposed to be in charge of the lesson plan here actually doesn't do that great a job explaining important things ahead of time, notably subspace--he clearly knows what his own headspace looks like and doesn't warn the student dom how to deal with it. They also don't discuss the power dynamics onscreen much; there's surprise!bratting after several scenes, when that kind of thing (obedience or defiance? do you like to push back? how should punishment be handled?) is basic stuff that should be gone over before the scene. Not everything needs to be depicted within the story (like, I'm assuming they talked about the cock-slapping during the kink-list scene) but the way that stuff plays out makes me think it wasn't really discussed. And not achieving subspace is definitely not anyone's fault, that's not a productive attitude. Also, if you're new you should try to be aware of how much you trust your decision-making in the moment and communicate that to your partner before the situation comes up. (I know people who will talk about the idea of a new kink that comes up during a scene, but not put it into action until the next time, after they've had a chance to think it over. I think that's probably a good policy for most beginners.) Finally, the line "if you go there, you have to mean it, whether you're still in the mood later or not" makes me super uncomfortable. It's not called out as a consent issue within the narrative, but to me that is definitely uncool pressure. Maybe the situation shouldn't have arisen, but regardless of that, anyone involved should have the right to withdraw consent at any time.

BDSM 201: Practical Applications (bandom) by littlemousling
This one is heavy on the social aspects of BDSM culture and community--how it works, what to expect, how to navigate it safely. It does a good job of depicting how a play-partnership can go wrong without enough communication, and there are a few nice detail moments when a scene isn't going perfectly but is still working, which happens a lot IRL because humans cannot mindread and not everything you try is going to blow your partner away. It's pretty true to life, although the POV character falls into subspace a lot more easily than I think most newbies would, and I don't like how it shows him being uncomfortable when the less-thoughtful dom talks about him right in front of him and then he's just fine with it when the supposedly-doing-it-right dom does the same thing. I do like how casual a lot of the discussions are, how conversations about kink just transition from and to conversations about other stuff.

Amateur Cartography (bandom) by fictionalaspect
Man did I want this one to be about nonsexual kink. It looked like it was going to be, and it got me all excited, but then nope. Anyway, there's a lot of good stuff in this but holy wow is it a bad idea to just straight-up tie somebody up, tell them they're not allowed to withdraw consent, and leave them alone as their first ever kink experience. Do not do that. But after that it's good. I like how it stresses that debriefing is important if you plan to play again, even if it feels awkward and you don't wanna.

Player Development (Check Please!) by me
I wrote this in part because there's not much fic out there about learning to dom. There's plenty about new subs, because teaching submission is tropey and sexy, but aside from Tell Me To Stop I'm not sure I've read another intro-to-topping fic. It's also about the nuances of communication, nailing down the things that really work for you and letting your partner(s) know how to give them to you. It depicts plenty of Things Not To Do (jumping into it without negotiating, speaking for someone else without being certain of the things you're saying, not speaking up when something isn't right, having important emotional conversations without disengaging from the power dynamics of the scene), but I tried to call all that out within the narrative. One thing I sorta ignored about reality is that it's not a good idea to start hardcore scening right away with a kink newbie who hasn't had a chance to get used to the idea. If you're gonna tell a partner about your kinks, don't ask them to dive in right then and there.

Fics that focus on communication/negotiation

Sex, Lies, and Veritaserum (Harry Potter) by lettered
This fic is an incredibly detailed depiction of a single conversation, including a sort of practice scene where they act out the things they've been talking about and periodically get into it before pausing to ask another question or confirm that this is what the other person wants. One quibble: you cannot tell by looking at a person's face that they are thinking about calling you a dirty slut while they bang you into the mattress. No one's expressions are that detailed. This seems obvious, but there's kind of a strong emphasis in D/s circles on doms being able to read their subs and give them what they want without having to talk about it, which is not a reasonable expectation in a new partnership. But aside from that part near the beginning--and, of course, aside from the part where they have truth potion at their disposal--this is solid.

Tangled (Community) by thingswithwings
This depicts two very different people reacting to the same situation, and examines the trajectory of results for each. More about relationship negotiation than kink negotiation, but there's some kinky stuff in there, and I think the communication skills required are approximately equivalent.

Switch (hockey RPF) by montrose
A BDSM 'verse that comments on kink culture by exaggerating it to a societal level. This says some worthwhile things about discussing kinks you don't want to admit you have--especially when your partner is operating under false assumptions--and addresses some of the problematic expectations in BDSM culture with regards to traditional D/s roles. I think it does a pretty good job of addressing the negative aspects of this relationship within the narrative.

Good Boy (Avengers) by triedunture
This is about negotiating a gentle dom/pet relationship. Includes a situation where the dom has to safeword, which a lot of people don't consider.

My Own Dear Friends (Check Please!) by angelsaves
I love how this shows that communication doesn't have to be awkward. The kink is more about the acts rather than powerplay headspace, so they just negotiate on the fly, and it works. When you're doing power dynamics stuff where negotiation mid-scene would throw someone out of it, you gotta have those discussions ahead of time.

I Only Have Teeth For You (hockey RPF) by me
Negotiation in bro-speak. Basically, if it works for the people involved, it works.

Good, Giving, and Gamed (bandom) by me
A very short, silly fic about the perils of bad communication.

Fics about specific kinks or aspects of kink

Big Lust (bandom) by me
This is about different kinds of subs, and different kinds of scenes. There are a lot of ways to do kink.

Pull Your Tangles Out (bandom) by boweryd
Obedience kink. Starts out unnegotiated, then they talk a bit--not very much, and I'm not totally comfortable with the bit where it's left unclear whether the sub would be able to tap out if he needed to, but it's probably enough negotiation for the level of kink they get to in the story.

Bottoming From The Top (bandom) by me
This is about dominant masochism. It does not depict a healthy relationship in terms of communication--I'm including it mostly to give an idea of what dominant masochism can look like in the details of the execution, and to emphasize that the traditional D/s relationship structure is not the only option. (The title is a reference to the phrase "topping from the bottom," which is a derogatory phrase that refers to subs trying to give input into a scene while it's happening, and is a really damaging concept that perpetuates the idea that subs shouldn't have a say in what happens to them. This fic doesn't actually address that, it's just wordplay in the title, but it's a good thing for new kinksters to be aware of.)

Feel First, Ask Questions Later (hockey RPF) by haloforsale
Some interesting power dynamics. It's tagged "service top" and "dominant bottom" but that's not quite the vibe I get from it. Contains consent play that seems to have been negotiated offscreen--certainly if you're going to do what they do here, you should negotiate it.

Definition (bandom), New Message (bandom), and Impact Player (hockey), by me
A few very short takes I've written on nonsexual kink in different contexts--one pain kink, one obedience kink, and one D/s. I haven't seen much nonsexual kink fic out there at all--please link me if you know of any!

Take it out in trade (hockey RPF) by mermaid
This isn't nonsexual kink, but it's sort of relevant: it's a situation where a guy is straight, but experiments doing kinky stuff with another guy. Touches on some interesting stuff about kink and sex and sexual orientation.

walk a thousand miles to fall down at your door (bandom) by xstarlesscity
Lifestyle BDSM, with the everyday aspects of life integrated in between the kink. Keep in mind that this is an established relationship that has clearly been fully negotiated, and these guys know each other's limits well--this is not beginner stuff, but it's what kink can be like when you're really familiar with your partner.

Sex Scenes Your New Boyfriend's Too Vanilla To Know About (bandom) by me
This fic is basically just a straight-up list of ideas. You could make a checklist out of it. XD

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do you like mustaches?
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me: "Uuuugh, I can't come up with a good fancast for Shitty."
boything: "Hm. Freddie Mercury?"
me: "Not bro-y enough. Anyway, I'd only be able to find footage of him with a mic. I need an actor. And when I look up mustaches on Tumblr, all I get are selfies and porn."
boything: "I think the right mustache style is called a chevron mustache."
me: "Maybe Pinterest."
boything: "You know... if you're looking for mustaches, obviously you should be looking on Delicious."

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Awesome Ladies fodder
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I'm writing two fics for Awesome Ladies this year, and I'm also working on my fic for the Check Please! exchange, and I'm out of town this weekend, so participating as a podficcer probably isn't happening. But I did poke through my bookmarks for potential things to record, and figured I might as well put them out there, in the hopes that either someone else will decide to go for one or that I'll remember to come back and pick from them next year. (By the way, does anyone know whether Awesome Ladies officially requires permission from writers? The rules sort of imply that it's expected, but I don't see anything stated outright.)

The Sea Witch Sets The Record Straight by ursulav (Little Mermaid)
Susan Pevensie and Peggy Carter Having Tea by ink-splotch (Avengers/Narnia)
In praise of Joanne Rowling’s Hermione Granger series by Sady Doyle

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eating habits and creativity
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TW: not about weight loss but tangentially relatedCollapse )

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Check Please! Valentine's Day Fanworks Exchange
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I'm at the point where my desire for Check Please! fanworks far outstrips the fandom's level of production, so: V-day fest! I know this fandom is very Tumblr-based, but no way in hell am I trying to run signups on that platform, so y'all tumblweeds can sign up via anon comments if you don't have DW accounts. If you don't get an e-mail from me within a day, check back to make sure your comment went through and you didn't typo your e-mail address.

Signing up means committing to create a work based on your recipient's preferences by February 9th. All kinds of fanworks are welcome: fic, art, podfic, mixes, vids if you can figure out a way to make it work, fancasts--anything goes. Works don't need to be romance-focused unless the recipient requests it. If there are particular fanworks that you'd rather not receive (for example, if you're hearing-impaired and can't consume audio works), mention that under "requesting" along with your preferred characters, pairings, kinks, tropes, etc. You can be as specific or as vague as you like with your requests, but I anticipate this being a pretty small exchange, so I might not be able to find a creator for your dream Holster/Shitty office AU.

I'll be running this mostly through e-mail. I'll e-mail you your assignment, you'll e-mail me the completed work on 2/9 (just so I know it's really done), you'll post your work in your own space on 2/14 and e-mail me the link, and I'll send e-mail notifications with links to recipients and post a masterlist both here and on Tumblr. If you need hosting for your work or you can't post on the day of the 14th, poke me and we'll figure it out.

Pinch-hitting means committing to produce a fanwork between the due date and the posting date for someone whose assigned creator defaulted. This means their interests might not match up with yours as well as your assigned recipient. Please don't say you'll pinch-hit unless you're sure!

If you have any other questions, drop me a comment or a PM. Comments are screened, but I'll unscreen questions that might be relevant to others.

Signups close: Friday, January 30
Assignments go out: Sunday, February 1
Completed works due: Monday, February 9th
Posting: Saturday, February 14th

Signup form:
Please avoid:
Willing to pinch-hit?

Sign up in the comments! I'll do mine here, as an example:

Username: jedusaur
E-mail: [e-mail address]
Offering: Fic or podfic, any characters/pairings. I'm a concise writer, not very good at extensive emotional introspection. I adore writing bros. Most of my stuff is either kinky or meta in some way.
Requesting: Any fanwork type, slash/het/gen all good. My favorite characters are Bitty, Jack, Shitty, Georgia, Chowder, and Johnson. I like tropey plots as well as darker/more serious stuff--not big on straight-up schmoop unless there's a plot involved. Kinky sex is good, vanilla tends to bore me (but sex is totally optional). I like meta and my favorite fanworks tend to address the canon or the fandom in some interesting way. I'm a big hockey fan but am fine with character-focused works that don't talk about it.
Please avoid: pregnancy, genderswap, female-character-bashing, plots based on bad communication.
Willing to pinch-hit? Yep!

EDIT: 31 participants and signups are closed!

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3 lines from 3 WIPs meme
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1. “Jeez Louise. Bad Joe, Bad Bob--how many hockey players just stick ‘Bad’ in front of their names and call it a nickname? Y’all quit callin’ me Bitty, you hear, I’m Bad Bittle now.” (Check Please! fic about hockey history)

2. “Sir,” Jake says, offended hand on his heart. “I assure you, I am not and have never been active in sex work. I am active in sex fun. Compensated sex fun.” (Brooklyn Nine-Nine hookerfic)

3. So off he goes to a hot city in a strange country, armed with his hockey gear and a phrasebook from his father that proves entirely useless. He doesn’t need to know how to ask for directions or order coffee. He needs to know how to laugh at people companionably, how to invite himself along when everyone is heading out for drinks, how to keep going after making a mistake instead of freezing up--things he never knew in Russian either. (Junior League fic about Bakin making the NHL)

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2014 fanworks
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I felt like I wasn't producing much fannishly this year... but actually I just wasn't writing much. And, in fact, my two favorites of the fanworks I created this year were not fic. Let's start with those.

The Hammer Is My Enormous Penis (Nathan Fillion, "Enormous Penis" by Da Vinci's Notebook)

This ridiculous vid is one of my favorite things I've ever made. I put about a month of my spare time into it--I calculated at one point that it took at least 50 hours--and I never once lost my enthusiasm for the project. It is about that lovable douchebag with a sharp tongue and a massive ego that is every role in Nathan Fillion's filmography.

Open & Notorious (Welcome to Night Vale)

This audio project was a collaboration with a whole bunch of people. It's based on the intro segments to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, in which various voices have claimed to be the real Joseph Fink; this work consists of a whole bunch of people interrupting and talking over each other and arguing about who is actually the real Joseph Fink. It turned out far better than I ever thought it could, in large part because of the outstanding voice performances delivered by everyone who participated. I did the writing and editing, but the performers were incredibly creative in their deliveries, and several of the lines I wound up including were ad-libbed.

I did a few other audio projects, though I still don't really identify as a podficcer. Only one of these is standard podfic:

Hello Operator, Please Give Me Number Nine (Calvin and Hobbes), written by Starlingthefool

I recorded this because I had massive NRE stars in my eyes and the object of my affections had said in passing that she'd been meaning to read this but would rather listen to a podfic. I'd read and loved it, so I just went ahead and did it.

Selected excerpts from @NightValeRadio (Welcome to Night Vale)

Dating a podficcer may, in retrospect, have had a significant effect on my audio output this year. This one was a Valentine's Day present; it's a whole bunch of tweets from the official Night Vale Twitter account, which does really fabulous creepy microfiction.

The Gifts of the Giving Tree (The Giving Tree), written by Mallory Ortberg

I love this piece so fucking much. I hear podficcers talk about reading a fic and just needing to record it right now--that was me reading this. The text (a dark retelling of a children's book) was published at The Toast, but it totally counts as fanfic.

Too Much Woman (Assassin's Creed), co-created with originally

I wrote this monologue for originally to perform and we released it audio-only. It's from the POV of the playable female character that got cut from Assassin's Creed: Unity.

I've done a few more vids this year. I'm still on a pretty steep learning curve there, which is nice because I can see myself improving, but also frustrating because I'm not as good at it as I want to be. None of these are exactly what I was going for, and all of them could have benefited from the same time commitment as the Nathan Fillion one linked above, but sadly there are not enough hours in my life to do that with every vid. Still, I've had a lot of fun making these, and I can clearly see areas in need of improvement that I know how to improve upon in the future, which is heartening.

Moves Like Jagr (Jaromir Jagr, "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5)

Jagr. Jagger. It had to be done.

(The Edmonton Oilers are) Still Alive (Oilers, "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton/GLaDOS)

A birthday present for an Oilers fan friend of mine. The poor guy. You can probably get the gist of this if you're not familiar with Oilers history, but, well, it's geared toward someone who's spent their whole life facepalming over this team.

A Fine-Looking High Horse (Super, "Take Me To Church" by Hozier)

This one is intentionally designed to be easily comprehensible by people who haven't seen Super; I actually wasn't sure if V had when I made it for them, but I knew they would appreciate Ellen Page and obsessive wannabe superheroes. Warning: contains graphic violence.

The Very Root (Mushishi, "Science/Visions" by Chvrches)

I think this is watchable if you don't know the canon, though the message about humanity's destructive interactions with nature might not come across as clearly if you're not familiar. The art in this anime is just fucking beautiful, though, and I crammed a lot of it in here, so check it out if you like things that are pretty. Warning: a bit of body horror.

And I did write some fic!

Fuck-You Money (Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles)

Kidfic. Yep. This happened because I was having a lot of personal finance feelings and I wanted to write fic about them, though I think I managed to keep most of the boring stuff out of it (aside from the detailed blog submission, which you can totally skim). Also, I always want the world to contain more fic about two people who both openly want to bang but can't for really good, sensible reasons, and kids who hate each other fit that bill.

With Grace (WTNV, Tamika & Josie)

I just really liked the idea that "Old Woman Josie" isn't actually that old, she's just considered old because the average longevity of a Night Vale resident is so ridiculously low.

Beat All (Teen Wolf, Erica & Allison & Lydia, sorta Erica/Stiles)

Girls-in-a-band AU. I will never get enough of Erica learning to be badass for herself instead of getting a magic badass werewolf bite.

Positive Feedback (Check Please!, Jack/Bitty)

Praise kink. Pretty much PWP.

100px To The Right (Check Please!, Johnson)

Give me an inch of meta and I will take 500 miles.

I also co-created (with [personal profile] torra) a panel at Bitchin' Party that wound up being very much a transformative work; it follows the format of an episode of the podcast, and I think it turned out fairly well. At some point an edit of the audio is going to be posted online, but it hasn't happened yet.

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Check Please! and why you should care
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I have written fic! TWO FICS. I started, finished, and posted two fics yesterday, after four months of not being able to finish any fic at all. One of them is kinky and the other one is incredibly meta, proving that I still have not been kidnapped by aliens. (If I ever post a fic that has no kink or meta in it, assume aliens.) I'm not going to make anyone read them, but I am going to try my damndest to convince you to consume the canon they're based on, because it's fucking great.

From Check Please (Sophomore Year #4).

Check Please! is a webcomic about a sweet little Southern gay college student in Massachusetts who plays hockey and bakes pies. (Don't run away if you're not a hockey fan--it's really not about hockey.) I can't even remember the last time the main character was my favorite in any story, but Bitty is the best.

Other characters I adore include:
  • Jack, Bitty's (eventual, presumably--it's pretty clear that's where things are going) love interest who's headed for the NHL

  • Shitty, a poli sci/gender studies double major who smokes a lot of weed and often does not wear clothes

  • Lardo, the female team manager who can kick all the boys' asses at beer pong

  • Ransom and Holster, hosts of the "Hockey Shit" segments, which explain things like hockey nicknames and goal celebrations

  • Chowder, the overly excitable and naive baby goalie

  • Dex and Nursey, the baby defensemen who hate each other's guts

  • Johnson, the recently-graduated metaphysical goalie who is fully aware of his own fictionality and role in the narrative

The characters are great, the art is wonderful--especially the detailed backgrounds--and the story is compelling. Also, the creator is great at engaging with fans and supporting transformative creation. A lot of the canon has been built through responses to Tumblr asks and replies from the official Twitter and stuff like that; it's a very fannish model of content output.

If you're not convinced yet, start here. If you are convinced, start at the beginning.

And then you can read my fics! Positive Feedback is Jack/Bitty praise kink, and 100px To The Right is super-meta fic about Johnson the Metaphysical Goalie. There's already a podfic of the one about Johnson, if you'd rather listen than read. (Fandom works fast, yo.)

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Nail polish recs
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[personal profile] knight_tracer asked for nail polish recommendations and specified that she likes dramatic colors, and I thought some of y'all might be interested as well, given how much of fandom seems to be into nail polish. So here are my favorite dramatic polishes, along with the most true-to-life swatches Google Images could find me. All of these have, at least once, caused people to say "WOW!" and grab my hand to haul it closer for a better look.

Four shimmers, a flaky, and a holoCollapse )

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